Truly friends in Work Place


Jeff Zalaya said in his post that,

The workplace might not be the ideal place to make close friends so instead work on nurturing the friendships that you already have and join volunteer or interest groups that make it easier to meet like-minded people

You may found his article in here

In my 30 first day, the one of lesson that I can learned is in working environment, our colleagues and friends come and go depends on their own pathway. In the office, we may work together, as part of a team, which make us feel being happy to work although in lately night. However, not such as when during study in school or university, we can play and learn everyday, with the orientation training in our first day and finally we graduated together on the graduation day.

When you start your career, you can found that everybody has their own graduation date, maybe just a month, two months, three months, or may be three years, and so on. On the way to go, some of them resign to get a better job, open business, or have family problem so they have to. We may lose where are they in the next several years, because each of us has been busy with our own job and family. Then, suddenly we meet them in a mall or in our own way to go.

In campus, I remember that almost everyday after my class was done, me and my friends like to hanging out, meet up and dinner in near campus until night has came, and we are happy to do that. Then, let’s think back to the workplace, go home in 5 pm may be feel so long to wait. Day to day, most of us go home directly from the office, we rarely have plenty time to hanging out with friends anymore, most of us has had family, spouse, and children. May be it’s kinda boring, but you have to. Therefore, week end might be the best for you to calling and meet up again with your friends in university to refresh your mind.

That’s way it’s right that we may hard to find the truly friends in our workplace


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