The Choices


Based on my experience, there are some types of choices that we would met in daily.

Sometimes we meet some happy choices, all of them are nice to us. then we confused about choose one, because we want choose them all. Then, you would also faced with the mix choices, certainly we would choose the good one, and leave  the bad one. How about choose unhappy choices? No one of choice we wanna choose actually, but we still have to.


So, how to choose the best one? There are several things which you may considered?

The risks or the consequences of each

Each choice has their own risks. We should identify what is the risk that we possible met, and calculate where is the less risk, or which is the acceptable risk for us.


Our passion

Choose based on our passion is the easiest. We just looking for what are the choices which make us very happy. Some said that it would be better if “Do what you love and Love what you do”


The chances

We could also considering about the chance about getting that choice. Sometimes the choices not come yet, but we should think about it in design a plan. We should calculate about the possibility of our chance to having those choice. The higher chance would the better one.


The profitability

Every choice may give us the benefit, then we should consider about how much profitable to us. The higher benefit, certainly makes my life well. We may starts to begin from identifying what are the good impact when we choose each of them.


The opportunity cost

The loss may not come from the choice itself, but from the other choice which we don’t gonna choose. When we choose one, it means we will trough the other one. How much opportunity which we should pay when leaving a choice? It would be opportunity cost.

opportunity cost

After you make effort to find the best one in your logical, don’t forget to ask your God, what is the better one. Then, you would more confident with your choice, and ready to get the all consequences. Let’s try.


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